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Learn how to recognise and deal with the most common types of security concerns.

Learn how to

Key takeaways from this topic include lessons on the following:


Choosing the right lesson

To minimise potential risks, it is important to always prepare a security assessment. Learn how to do so in the Your Security lesson.

  • Your Security
    If you are not taking care of yourself, it becomes impossible to do your important work. Learn how to be aware and deal with stress, trauma, and emotional care in the Well-Being lesson.
  • Well-Being.
    Protecting your sources is one of the core responsibilities of a journalist. To learn how to do so and what things to keep in mind, read the Your Sources lesson.
  • Your sources
    What kind of information you should share, and how to talk about security issues with your colleagues is explained in the ¥our Colleagues lesson.
  • Your colleagues
    How can you prepare for your story can continue if something unexpected happens to you?
  • Your story