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Learn to use Veracrypt, a tool to encrypt your data and prevent anyone who does not have your passphrase from accessing your information.

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About VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt works like an electronic safe in which you can securely store your files.

What it does

It protects your files by encrypting them with a passphrase. It creates a protected area, called a volume, on your computer or external storage device.

How it works

This entire volume lives inside a single file called a container, which you can open (or mount) and close (or dismount) using VeraCrypt. You can safely store your files inside this container.

On-the-fly encryption

VeraCrypt uses on-the-fly encryption to protect your data. On-the-fly encryption transparently encrypts files as they are being written to a volume and transparently decrypts them as they are being read.

Copying files to VeraCrypt

You can copy files to and from a VeraCrypt volume in the same way that you would copy them to and from a normal folder or USB storage device.

Standard and hidden volumes

VeraCrypt supports both standard encrypted volumes and hidden volumes. Either one will keep your files confidential, but hidden volumes allow you to hide your important information behind less sensitive data in order to protect it even if you are forced to reveal your VeraCrypt passphrase.

Remember your password!

Remember, if you forget your passphrase, you will lose access to your data! There is no way to recover a lost passphrase. Also, keep in mind that the use of encryption is illegal in some jurisdictions.

Installing VeraCrypt

For detailed instructions on installing and using VeraCrypt, Tactical Technology Collective put together a helpful guide.


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