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Create a new entry

Create new KeePassX entries

Learn how to create new KeePassX entries.

Learn how to

Create a new entry

Step 1. Select New Entry

In the KeePassX menu, select Entries, then Add New Entry. Or you can use the Add New Entry shortcut key combination: Command-Y.

Step 2. Name your new entry

You will be asked to create a title, username, URL, password, and confirm password. Be sure to create a strong password

Step 3. Compete necessary fields

The Add Entry window presents you with a number of fields to be completed. None of these fields are mandatory; information submitted here is largely for your own convenience.


KeePassX lets you sort your passwords into pre-defined groups. For example: 'Internet' would be a good place to store passwords that relate to website accounts. Click on the drop-down menu to choose a group.


The icon that will be associated with this account entry. If you click on the icon button, you can see the icons available in the Icon Selection window. You also have the option to add a custom icon by clicking on the ’Add Custom Icon’ button in the bottom left of the Icon Selection window. To select one of the KeePassX icons available, click the Pick button in the bottom right of the window.

Step 3: Enter account information

Create a new KeePassX entry for your RiseUp account within the Internet Group in your KeePassX database. Select Internet from the Group dropdown menu. Then enter the account information for your RiseUp account.

Step 4: Save your changes

Click {OK} to save your changes to the Add Entry screen.

Edit an existing entry

Step 1. Select 'Internet' group

Select the ’Internet’ Group in the database menu on the left side of the window to see the entries associated with it.

Step 2: Find your entry

In this example, we’ll use the Riseup account entry we created in Step 4.1 above. Within the ’Internet’ Group, Select the Riseup entry we created by clicking it within the list of entries inside the ’Internet’ Group.

Step 3. Open your entry

There are three ways to open up the entry in order to edit it.

Option 1. Right click on entry

You can ‘right click’ on the selected entry by holding down the Control key and clicking the entry, which activates a menu of options.Then scroll down and click on View/Edit Entry.

Option 2. Use KeePassX menu

In the KeePassX menu, select Entries, then New Database.

Option 3. Use a shortcut

Use the View/Edit Entry shortcut key combination: Command-E.

Step 4. Edit information

With an open entry, you can add new information or edit any existing information, including the password. To save your changes, click {OK}.

Update information elsewhere

Note: Remember that making changes to a KeePassX entry only updates that entry in your KeePassX database. It does not automatically update corresponding information elsewhere, such as a new password for an online account, or the same KeePassX entry in any copies or backups of your KeePassX database that you have saved elsewhere.

Update relevant account information

Therefore, you will need to make any relevant updates to your account information, as well as new KeePassX database backups and copies seperately after editing your entry here.


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