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Getting Started

Getting started with Orbot

Learn to use Orbot, the Android-platform app created by the Guardian Project, designed to increase the anonymity of your activities on the Internet.

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Installing and configuring Orbot

To learn how to install and configure Orbot, refer to the detailed guide put together by the Tactical Technology Collective.

Use Orbot to remain anonymous online

Step 1: Start Orbot

Touch and hold the grey Orbot icon in the centre of the screen until it turns yellow and says Orbot is starting. orbot-and-014.png

Step 2: Confirm you have connected

The first time you start Orbot a notification will appear to confirm you connected successfully to the Tor network. Tap orbot-and-016.png to see the green Orbot indication that Orbot is running. orbot-and-018.png
Note: You will only see the notification screen the first time you start Orbot after installation.

Step 3: Disconnect

To disconnect Orbot you touch and hold the green Orbot until it turns grey. Or if you want to disconnect and quit Orbot, tap the menu icon (orbot-and-019.png) in the top right of the screen and select orbot-and-020.png.


Route your communication through Orbot

In order to browse or chat on the internet anonymously, you need to install an app (browser or chat) which can route your communication through a proxy in conjunction with Orbot.
Refer to the related guides Tactical Technology Collective has put together for using Orweb and ChatSecure with Orbot.

Step 4: Create a new Orbot identity

If at any stage you want to appear to come from a new location, you can get a new identity from Orbot by swiping left or right on the green Orbot image.

Recieve confirmation

The image will briefly spin and then display You've switched to a new Tor Identity. orbot-and-022.png


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