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Learn to identity threats and risks you may face as a journalist or human rights defender.

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Starting a new project

Brenda is planning a new project and needs to complete a threat and risk assessment. Before she can, she needs to know the difference between risks and threats and also how to identify them.
If she doesn't, she knows that she exposes herself to unnecessary and avoidable harm. She needs to know so she can start the project soon.

Choose the right lesson

This section aims to providing preliminary support for identifying threats and assessing risk you might face as a journalist or human rights defender. This section is by no means all encompassing; threat and risk assessment are complex and very context dependent.
However, we try providing an introduction to themes and things to consider. This section provides extensive links to additional resources where you can learn more about the topic.

Interested in learning about what threats are and how they impact your work? Read the Understanding Threats lesson:

Want to see how possible events can result in harm, and know the right measures to take in order to be more secure? Read the Assessing Security Risks lesson:

Not sure how to turn risk assessment and threat model into real action? Check out the Emergency Plan lesson:


  • en/topics/understand-2-security/0-getting-started: Dig deeper on various aspects of security
  • en/topics/understand-3-opsec/0-getting-started: Find out about what operational security or opsec means
  • en/topics/understand-4-digisec/0-getting-started: Learn more about important concepts of digital security

To learn more about dealing with emergencies, see also: