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Learn how to recognise and deal with the most common types of digital threats.

Learn how to

A suspicious email...

While working on a new story Brenda receives an email about suspicious activity on her account. She wants to find out if this is a real threat.
It seems that the email is related to her social media account. She needs to act quickly before the problem gets worse.

Verify if the problem is real

Assess the situation

You might want to seek help, but assessing the situation first can help you fix the problem on your own or be more prepared when you reach out for help.

Where is the information from?

Make sure you verify where the information is coming from. Was it via email? Did you see an error message on a website? Has someone told you about the problem?

Do you trust the source?

Verify that the information is coming from a source you trust: do you recognise the email address, or the website address? Fake emails could be sent to mislead you into giving information about your accounts.

Remember to verify where the information is coming from!

Choose the right lesson

If you know a trained professional that could help you, the seeking help lesson will explain how to contact them safely.

  • Choose the Seeking Help lesson
  • Or swipe to continue...
    Are you locked out of your social media or email account? Seeing unusual activity?
  • Choose the Account Hijacked lesson
  • Or swipe to continue...
    Has your phone or laptop been taken from you? Maybe at a security checkpoint, or it was stolen/seized? Has it been returned?
  • Choose the Seized Device lesson
  • Or swipe to continue...
    Have you opened an attachment that you think may have been malicious? Does your webcam LED turn on when you are not using the webcam? Have your accounts been compromised multiple times, even after you have changed the password?
  • Choose the Malware lesson.
  • Or swipe to continue...
    Is your website down? Has it been defaced?
  • Choose the Website under attack lesson.
  • Or swipe to continue...
    Have you just gotten through an emergency? Not sure what to do when the dust settles? Make sure to know how to prepare so you are ready for the next time.
  • Choose the After an emergency lesson
  • Or swipe to continue...

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